In a nutshell Nikau Bay nature escape is about giving people the chance to stay in a special and personalised coastal environment away from traffic and technology.

I created Nikau Bay nature escape for two main reasons.Firstly I believe this place has a unique natural environment that most of us would struggle to access and I want to share it with all who appreciate its characters.

Secondly its my own personal belief that people need to spend time in Nature and there is endless research that backs this belief. Children and young teens need to connect and find fun in the natural World before they launch themselves into the ever increasing busy World. And us BIG kids (adults) need a break from the current speed of our lives, a hammock, a resting post, a place to distress and relax in peace.

Staying at Nikau Bay gives you access to kms of coast that can normally only be accessed publicly by boat. So on your walks you are often the only person on the beach.

Nikau Bay is about 4kms from the nearest powerpole. Almost all of our electrical needs come from solar panels. The water you drink and shower in is clean gravity fed rainwater. Toilets are clean, spacious and professionally built composting loos.

james from Tutukaka Campground Nikau Bay